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Agate Geode 5 Pieces Crystals Raw Minerals Stones Rocks Collecting

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Origin : Morocco

Size : 177.5 gr - about mm 30-40

Lot 3 Pieces Agate Small Geode cut into two halves 177.5 gr in total, mm 30-40 Raw Minerals Stones Rocks for Collection, polished edge, cave with crystals (Hyaline Quartz, Pink Quartz, Amethyst, etc.).
The lot is just that of the photo.

The measurements of the individual geodes are as follows:
31.4 gr - mm 46 x 35 x 23
40 gr - mm 38 x 36 x 29
35.3 gr - mm 46 x 35 x 22
30.7 gr - mm 36 x 32 x 26
40.2 gr - mm 49 x 36 x 22
The small geodes are also available individually, at this link.

N.B. If you want to buy more batches of 3 pcs or 5 pcs (no other numbers are available on request), please contact us by e-mail and we will increase the quantities in the order placed. In this case the geodes will be sent by random sample (it is not possible a choice on request).

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