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Aura Rainbow Quartz (2) Crystal Raw Minerals Stones Rocks Collecting Crystaltherapy

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Origin : China

Size : 2.8 gr - mm 27 x 8 x 7

Rainbow Aura Crystal Quartz with Titanium  and Gold 2.8 gr - mm 27 x 8 x 7 Raw Minerals Crystals Stones Rocks for Collection or Crystaltherapy only a piece as in photo.
Also available Druses and Geodes of Aura Rainbow Quartz at this link.

The Rainbow Aura borns from the bond of pure quartz with gold and titanium and are believed to possess numerous properties in crystal therapy. The molecules of titanium and gold are bonded to the quartz from natural electrostatic charge of the crystal in a process known as magnetron ionization. The bright color of the "flame Aura" is the result of interference effects produced by the optical layers of titanium. Since only the electric energy is used to deposit layers of titanium and create these colors, very little heat is involved in the process and the integrity of the crystal is thus kept. The crystal so don't becomes fragile or prone to breakage as in other processes.

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