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Collection 30 Raw Minerals + Book

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Only 1.80 Euros per Mineral. Lot 30 different Raw Minerals and Rocks for Collecting, with Book.
Ideal to start a little Collection.

The Kit of 30 Raw Minerals + Book, in its practical package, consists of the following stones:
Arboreus Agate, Avventurine, Bauxite, black Onyx, Coal, Copper (Pepite), Cornelian, Chrysocolla, Fuchsite, green Calcite, Hyaline Quartz Crystal, Iron Tiger, Lepidolite, Limonite, Mica, Micaschist, Obsidian, orange Calcite, Calcium Carbonate (white Limestone), pink Quartz, Porphyry, red Jasper, Rodonite, Selenite, Serpentine, Talc, Travertine, Tuff, tufite, yellow Calcite.
The pieces are accompanied by labels with the name and place of origin.
The collection also includes the Book Geology, Giunti Ed., 92 pages. A complete and essential guide to learn about Mineralogy, Geodynamics, Petrography and observe the rocks of the Earth and all the geological phenomena, from the meanders of a river to volcanic eruptions. With photos and color cards dedicated to the most widespread rocks, to the finest minerals, to the most spectacular geological events.

In our Equipment catalog is also available plexiglas boxes, cardboard boxes and plasticine with which attach them to the bottom so to be able to remove.

The photo of this minerals is only for show. In rare eventuality out of stock of a species on the list, this will be replaced with another at our discretion.
Much of the rocks and minerals offered are also available individually in our catalog, of course at a total cost higher.

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