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Picture Stone (19) mm 78 Worked Minerals Stones Rocks Collecting

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Origin : Italy (Toscana)

Size : 46.3 gr - mm 78 x 39 x 6

Picture Stone 46.3 gr - mm 78 x 39 x 6 Minerals Figured Stones Rocks for Collection.

Under the name of Figured Stones (English Picture Stones in French Pierres Imagées) identify those stones that have beautiful colors and / or beautiful designs, without necessarily contain valuable minerals. The drawings may refer to a recurring pattern or patterns and colors result of completely random events. The design is then enhanced by a craftsman that cuts stone, smooths and shinies it. Le figured stones are found more often among limestone, dolomite, granite, jasper, agates and opals. In Italy the stone is the most famous figured stones is the "Paesina Stone" (or Stone of Florence, or ruiniform stone, landscape marble, or ruin marble) and is a limestone of sedimentary origin. The images often reminiscent of the stone desert landscapes, mountains or ruins. It is assumed that the P. Paesina was already known to the Romans. In Italy, the P. Paesina is situated in north-central Apennines (Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Toscana, Lazio), but the most beautiful location in the hills around Florence. In the picture stones, through the cracks of the mineral, have settled oxides of iron and manganese which, thanks to water, are the cause of the figures that have come to form. The average age of these stones is around 50 million years.
In Crystaltherapy it is believed that all figured stones stimulate creativity and imagination, the relationship with nature and with their roots, in addition to all the same features of figured stones, it is thought to protect home and family, and is equipped energy accommodation; the P. Paesina has the Moon as dominant Star, and the water as element.

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