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Goldstone Cabochon 5 Pieces Worked Stones Minerals Crystaltherapy

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Origin : China

Lot 5 Goldstone Cabochons 4.2-4.5 gr - mm 25 x 18 x 6 Worked Stones Minerals for Crystaltherapy.

Also incorrectly referred to as the Sunstone or Sun stone (which is actually another mineral, available on our website at this link) or Gold Stone (golden stone). It is a translucent crystalline paste reddish in which they are included inside the copper crystals, which when they cool down at the end of a process carried out without oxygen, give the stone the shimmer that reminds the red surface of the Sun. It also exists in green form, when it included chromium crystals.
Its dark counterpart is the Stone of Venus, also called blue stone, bluesand stone, starstone, stellar, aventurine glass, monkstone and other names. It is a similar translucent mix in which cobalt or manganese crystals are included, which give the stone the shimmer that recalls the stars in the night sky.
The creation of Goldstone dates back to a mysterious process carried out in 1600 in Venice by Italian monks who is said to be due to chance, hence the name "avventurina" then adventure or chance, but in reality it was discovered then a Persian amulet of 1100 -1200 with the same stone that showed that other craftsmen in other parts of the world were able to realize it. It is used in Crystal therapy and for meditation, for costume jewelery as a semiprecious stone.

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