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Zygaena filipendulae
4,78 $ 3,19 $

Palaeolama mirifica (4) -...
Artiodactyla (cattle, pigs, deer, camels, antelopes)
16,48 $ 11,59 $

1 stock 10 Sagra femoralis
31,89 $ 21,26 $

Palaeophis maghrebianus (5) -...
Squamata (lizards and snakes)
19,14 $ 9,57 $

Bison priscus - femur
Artiodactyla (cattle, pigs, deer, camels, antelopes)
201,99 $ 170,10 $

coal -1 Kg
laboratory products
25,51 $ 22,33 $

Sphaeridium scarabaeoides
4,04 $ 3,08 $

oval small box - 10 pcs
accessories for breeding
6,38 $ 4,25 $

Gli invertebrati, G. Carpaneto...
7,97 $ 5,21 $

Syrinx aruanus (1)
173,29 $ 147,77 $

Geochelone crassiscutata -...
Chelonia (tortoises)
19,14 $ 10,63 $

Lixus titubans
4,15 $ 3,19 $

garnet (3)
10,52 $ 7,23 $

1 stock 10 Chrysochroa buqueti...
51,03 $ 41,46 $

open cardboard (2) - 10 pcs
cardboard containers
5,32 $ 4,25 $

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