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The deposit of eggs of dinosaurs

In the south of France, near the city of Montpellier in 1996 after a long search, Alain Cabot discovered a unique paleontological site, which is 10 km long and 4 km wide, over 40 sq. km. where they were discovered fossil remains of bones, but more importantly, dinosaur eggs. This site is one of the most [...]
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Neutrinos faster than light?

Neutrinos are elementary particles with no electric charge with a mass so small, that has not yet been able to measure. The term was coined by Enrico Fermi (1901-1954) as a diminutive of the name of another neutral particle, the neutron. Studies of the neutrino are multiple and complex, but we just know [...]
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Come "the days of the blackbird"

Start today the famous days of the blackbird, which is said to be the last three days of January 29, 30 and 31 considered the coldest days of winter. There are several versions of why they call it so, the most famous legend is this: a blackbird and her chicks, originally white, to shelter from the cold [...]
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A new scorpion!

It was discovered a new species of scorpion ... where? In the deep Amazon rainforest? In the Sahara desert? In some remote island of Indonesia? But no, that's too easy! On the outskirts of a big city, Tucson, Arizona, on the Santa Catalina Mountains. The new scorpion was called Vaejovis brysoni [...]
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Ammonites, what are they?

The Ammonites are an extinct group of cephalopods, which appeared in the Lower Devonian about 400 million years ago and extinguished at the end of the Cretaceous, together with the dinosaurs (65 million years ago), leaving no known descendants. Like all cephalopods known this organisms were carnivorous: [...]
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A first look on the matter of the Big Bang

The major LHC experiments related to CERN in Geneva - the Large Hadron Collider - warm up the muscles, and they do it by giants, winning one result after another. The latest announcement came as part of the researchers involved in the CMS experiment, one of four built to study the results of the impact [...]
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74 species per year disappear forever!

Extinction is an evolutionary process that leads to the disappearance of a taxon (genus, species, subspecies) or a population. When a species is extinguished her genetic heritage is lost. From the perspective of evolutionary extinction occurs independently of perturbation elements of great importance. [...]
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Again dinosaurs in Italy!

Dinosaur tracks redesign the Italian Jurassic. The discovery on Mt. Pasubio that was thought submerged in water. TRENT - Three dinosaur footprints, discovered in a gallery of Mount Pasubio can rewrite the ancient history of the Italian peninsula and redrawing the geography of the Jurassic. Marco [...]
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Two heads are better than one...

The picture on the left isn't a trick photograph with a good software but this is a small two-headed tortoise found by a south African man: Noel Daniels a welder of Wellington. Two-headed tortoises are not unknown, but they are most unusual, the product of a genetic deviation during the development of [...]
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Hurrah for the rabbit!

And now let's talk about curiosities a little bit more pleasant. Usually everybody knows the rabbit for its... reproductive abilities! In reality the poor animal is only a beginner as to a small animal that we have near us... : the common aphide! If you count the number of the individuals of its [...]
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