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Diodon holocanthus Long-Spined Porcupine Fish Osteichthyes Teleostei Diodontidae

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Origin : Atlantic Ocean (Brazil)

Size : cm 22

Dried Long-Spine Porcupine Fish Diodon holocanthus cm 22 Osteichthyes Teleostei Diodontidae, prepared with spines in resting position, only a piece, as in photo.
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Family: Diodontidae.
Common name: Porcupine Fish,
Hystrix Fish, Freckled Porcupinefish or Guanabana Fish.

Diodon holocanthus is a saltwater Pufferfish belonging to the Diodontidae family.
This species is widespread in the tropical belt of all the Earth's oceans, along oceanic coral reefs.
It has an oval body, with a large head and a snout with a leathery beak. The head and entire body are covered with double-rooted erectile spines. The livery has a sandy or dirty white background color, dotted with brown. It reaches a maximum length of 50 cm.
In case of danger, the fish quickly swallows water, swelling enormously and arching the bony spines that cover its leathery skin, assuming a rounded hedgehog shape. This operation is not without consequences for the body of the porcupine fish, which can suffer some damage to the internal organs.
Fertilization is external, being an oviparous species. This species feeds on molluscs, crabs and sea urchins.
Porcupine fish fishing is not widespread except in China, where the dried body of the fish is used in Chinese medicine.

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