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Tupaia javanica - skull

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Origin : Indonesia (Borneo)

Horsfield's treeshrew or Javan scandentia skull, complete of mandible, cm 3.5-4.5.

Horsfield's treeshrew (Tupaia javanica), also called Javan Scadentia, it's kind of tupaia (Scandentia order, Tupaiidae family) endemic to the Indonesian islands of Sumatra, Borneo, Bali, Java and Nias where it lives in the primary forest.
It was described by Thomas Horsfield in 1822. Several subspecies have been proposed, based on the color change, however, the color is an unreliable distinctiveness.
Still if they know two subspecies: Tupaia javanica javanica (Horsfield, 1822) and Tupaia javanica occidentalis (Robinson & Kloss, 1918).
It is a small insectivorous mammal similar to a squirrel with a pointed snout. For this group of animals it has been also proposed a monophyletic clade that includes primates, tree-shrews, flying lemurs, rabbits and rodents.
The fur is gray in color with greenish-yellow variegated and individual hair black: there are more tending to yellowish areas behind the head, on the sides and rear. The belly and a ghe strip goes from the throat to the shoulder are yellow. Bare areas of the paws and muzzle are flesh-colored light, as well as the ears.
It is an arboreal species more than other tree shrews.

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