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Corvus cornix (crow) - (1) skull

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Origin : Italy

Size : cm 8.9

Hooded crow skull, cm 8.9, complete of mandible, as in pictures.

The hooded crow (Corvus cornix Linnaeus, 1758) is a passerine bird belonging to the Corvidae family, widespread in Eurasia and North Africa.
The gray crow differs from the black crow (Corvus corone) due to the color of the plumage and the size. This species has the back and the belly covered with gray feathers, the remaining parts are instead of black, its dimensions are about 50 cm, unlike the black that is a bit 'smaller.
It often mixes with flocks of black crow, with which it gives rise to hybrid individuals in areas where the areas overlap.
The crows have a very varied diet. They are not birds of prey but have various clashes between them. They eat carrion, fruits, they prey chicks and eat eggs. This is why they represent a problem for the births of other bird species. They manage to follow the rows of the sowing causing damage to agriculture. In inhabited areas it is easy to see them eating in the dishes of domestic animals. During the breeding of the young often frequent chicken coops to capture the chicks that represent an excellent high protein food for the growth of their young.
Species of partially wooded environments, also lover of anthropized environments, the hooded crow is clearly favored by environmental transformations. A small number of trees in vast areas of cultivation is sufficient for the construction of the nests. Nestings on high voltage pylons were observed.
The gray crows are among the birds best adapted to the ever faster urbanization. They are able to live in the city without any problem and to find food everywhere. They are used to the presence of man and yet they maintain their wild state without ever getting too close. There are cases of very close relations between the man and the hooded crow when it comes in very young contact with the man; some of them are domiciled in the trees surrounding the house of the men who nurtured them at a young age and communicate daily with them, a situation that in ancient times may have given rise to beliefs like those of witches, or caricatures, in modern times, as Gennarino who accompanies Walt Disney's witch Amelia.
The crows are equipped with great intelligence. Recent studies have identified the family of corvids among the first animals as intelligence. Several tests carried out on these animals have shown that they know the law of gravity. According to some ethologists, who have been able to study their behavior closely, they are the only species of bird that you play with your own kind. This behavior, however very rare in the animal world, provides a high degree of consciousness and a complex brain.

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