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In this catalog you will find both commercial and economic shells, either rare specimens or in any case unique pieces, chosen and selected for your collection.

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Cat: bivalvia
6,00 4,00

package 10 pieces, single valves, mm 25-45. Also available as...

Cat: bivalvia
lot Arca noae - 100 gr

package 100 gr, single valves, mm 25-60, A-/A2 quality

Cat: bivalvia
22,50 18,00

package 10 pieces, mm 130-140, both valves,  polished. Known as...

Cat: bivalvia
lot Cardium tuberculatum - 250 gr

package 250 gr (Cardiidae), about 30-40 pieces, single valves, mm...

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Cat: bivalvia
lot Codakia tigerina - 250 gr

package 250 gr, single valves (about 15-25 pieces), mm 35-60

Cat: bivalvia
lot Eastonia rugosa - 10 pcs

package 10 pieces, mm 40-60, single valves, second choice (beached)....

Cat: bivalvia
lot Glycymeris glycymeris - 500 gr

package 500 gr, single valves, (about 50-60 shells), mm 25-60, A1-/A2...

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Cat: bivalvia
lot Pecten vexillum - 250 gr

package 250 gr of Pectinidae, single valves (about 30 pieces), mm...

Cat: bivalvia
lot scallop - 10 pcs (small)

package 10 variegated scallops (Pectinidae), single valves, various...

Cat: bivalvia
lot scallop - 10 pcs(large)

package 10 variegated scallops (Pectinidae), single valves, various...

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