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Collection 20 Seashells + Book Kit Seashells Sea Snail Bivalves Gastropoda

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Only 2.50 Euros per Shell + Book ! Collection of 20 Seahells of different species all determined, representative of the leading families of the main classes of mollusks (such as bivalves, scafopods, gastropods, pulmonate).

The kit, in its practical gift box illustrated in the picture, includes the following shells:
Acmaea saccharina, Babylonia spirata, Cantharus sp., Cypraea annulus, Cypraea caputserpentis, Cypraea moneta, Cypraea tigris, Dentalium rhabdotum, Hemiplecta rugata, Lambis lambis, Nerita exuvia, Pecten pallium, Rhynoclavis vertagus, Spondylus variegatus, Strombus lentiginosus, Strombus luhuanus, Strombus variabilis, Turbo argyrostomus, Turritella terebra, Voluta vespertilio..
In the kit is also included a book on shells (Conchiglie, G. Gabbi - ed. Le Guide White Star, italian language) of 168 pages with a rich repertoire of underwater images, drawings and biological cards, is open to all who love these jewels of the sea and wish to penetrate their many secrets.
The volume "Conchiglie", you can also buy it separately in the books section in our catalog equipment at a cost of 24.30 euros.
If purchased individually, with no practical package for free, the total cost of individual pieces (book not included) is about 76.00 euros, while with the kit the cost of each shell is about 2.50 euros per piece.
The photo is purely indicative, as specimens of each species may differ: in the rare case of exhaustion of one of the species on the list, this may be replaced with another one at our discretion.

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