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Collection 15 Seashells Conidae + Book

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Origin : Pacific Ocean

Collection with Book of 15 determined Seashells (Conidae family). Only 3.90 Euro for Shell.
Conus capitaneus, Conus distans, Conus ebraeus, Conus figulinus, Conus flavidus, Conus generalis maldivus, Conus imperialis, Conus leopardus, Conus litteratus, Conus marmoreus, Conus miles, Conus omaria, Conus striatus, Conus tulipa, Conus virgo.
It is included a book about shells at a discount (Conchiglie, A. Fulvo, R. Nistri - ed. Mondadori - cm 19.5 x 14.5 - pages 256 - italian language).
All the secrets of these fascinating marine mollusks that live on our planet hundreds of millions of years, in a comprehensive  and searchable guide full of useful information about how to find them, recognize them and collect them. 350 illustrated cards describe the different species, from most common to the rarest, with knowledge of ecology, biological and morphological characteristics, details of the shells, curiosities and box depth. Complete them a comprehensive introduction on the main groups and their living environment and an accurate map that indicates the geographical distribution.

The price of items (shells and book), if you buy them separately, is 100.80 euro.
Available also a collection of 15 Cypraee.
For each piece, please see its photo in our Catalog.

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