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Rhynchobatus djiddensis (2) ray shark's jaws



Origin : Indian Ocean (Vietnam)

cm 22 x 8.5, jaws of deep shark ray shark (giant bowmouth guitarfish or mud skate).
Modified teeth to break molluscs.

Rhynchobatus djiddensis is a large species of guitar fish from the Rhinidae family. This bottom-walled fish is limited to the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf and the western Indian Ocean, but in the past it was considered more widespread due to the confusion with other similar species.
Its dimensions can reach 3 m. in length and weighing up to 220 kg. It is brownish or grayish in color with a variable pattern of white spots.
It is ovoviviparous and a female can give birth to 10 litters.
The giant guitar fish feeds on bivalves, crabs, lobsters, squid and small fish. It is a shy shark, which lives at a depth between 2 and 50 m, in areas with sandy bottoms, generally around coral reefs and cliffs, but sometimes it ventures into the brackish waters of the estuaries. R. djiddensis is harmless to humans.

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