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Galeocerdo contortus (3) - tooth

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Origin : South Carolina (Summerville - Dorchester County) U.S.A. - Chandler Bridge Formation

Geological era : Late Oligocene (Chattian)

Age : 25 million of years

Size : cm 2.3

fossil tiger shark tooth, base cm , diagonal cm 2.1, diagonal cm 2.3, height cm 1.9.
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Galeocerdo contortus (or Physogaleus contortus) is a genus of extinct tiger shark only known from fossil teeth and some vertebrae isolated.
This shark has teeth similar to modern tiger shark, but smaller, they do not have the heavy serrations, and are slender and twisted toward the crown. This indicates that probably had a diet of bony fish, similar to living sand-tiger shark.. Although it is still considered to be a type of tiger shark, because of the many minor differences in the teeth, it is moved in the genus Physogaleus.

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