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Carcharocles angustidens - tooth

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Origin : North Florida (U.S.A) - Suwannee River

Geological era : Oligocene - Miocene

Age : 35-22 million of years

Size : cm 4.7

prehistoric fossil shark tooth, diagonal 4.7 cm, height cm 4.5. Only a piece, as in pictures.

Carcharocles angustidens or Carcharodon angustidens is a prehistoric megatoothed shark, which lived during the Oligocene and Miocene epochs approximately about 35 to 22 million years ago. This shark is believed to be closely related to another extinct megatoothed shark, C. megalodon. However, just as in the case of C. megalodon, the classification of this species is also under dispute.
As is the case with most extinct sharks, this species is also known from fossil teeth and some fossilized vertebral centra. Shark skeleton is composed of cartilage and not bone, and cartilage rarely gets fossilized. Hence, fossils of C. angustidens are generally poorly preserved. To date, the best preserved specimen of this species have been excavated from New Zealand, which comprises 165 associated teeth and about 35 associated vertebral centrum.This specimen is around 26 million years old. C. angustidens teeth are noted for their triangular crowns and small side cusps that are fully serrated. The serrations are very sharp and very well pronounced. C. angustidens was a widely distributed species with fossils found in North America, South America, Europe,Africa, New Zealand, Japan,Australia and Malta.
Size estimationLike other known megatooth sharks, the fossils of C. angustidens indicate that it was considerably larger than the extant great white shark, Carcharodon carcharias. The well preserved specimen from New Zealand is estimated at 9.3 metres (31 ft) in length. This specimen had teeth measuring up to 9.87 cm (3.9 inch) in diagonal length, and vertebral centra of around 1.10 cm (4.33 inch) in diameter.However, there are reports of larger C. angustidens fossils. C. angustidens was an apex predator and likely preyed upon penguins, fish, dolphins, and baleen whales.

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