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Linckia laevigata (2)



Origin : Indian and Pacific Oceans

blue starfish (recoloured), tubular arms, cm 7.5-9.

Linckia laevigata is a starfish of Ophidiasteridae family. Body of blue colour, generally uniform, dark or light, even if it's possible to find the variant purple, orange, gray or pink. Some of them have light or darker spots along each arm. These sea stars can grow to 30 cm in diameter, and each arm has a tubular structure, instead of tapering to a point that keeps more or less the same diameter until the round ends. The genus Linckia is known for the remarkable regenerative powers, capable of shedding of defense against predators. It can reproduce asexually. Inhabitant of coral reefs, this species is relatively common, with detritivore habits rather predatory.

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