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Atergatis integerrimus (1)

  • Product Code: C24902


Origin : Indonesia (Est Java)

carapace cm 4.5-6 x 3.5-4.5 (legs not included).
Common name: Red Egg Crab.
Belong to Xanthidae family.

This large round crab with variable coloring lives near coral reefs. Slow moving, it usually hides under large coral fragments, but can be quite active at night. It has an 8-10 cm carapace in the shape of an egg with a smooth edge, not indented, reddish brown, orange to bright red, usually with scattered white spots. It is equipped with large claws with black ends, of equal size in the shape of a spoon. Males can have larger pliers. Non-hairy walking legs. The young are light brown with a white band around the edge of the body. Like many other crabs from the Xanthidae family, it is highly poisonous and should not be eaten.
Sometimes it is traded with the "stone crabs" (Myomenippe hardwicki), similar but with green gorges ringed with red. Stone crabs are also dotless and tend to be gray or beige, although they can sometimes be reddish.

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