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Lampropeltis holbrooki Moult Speckled Kingsnake Squamated Reptiles Ophids Colubrids Snakes

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Origin : Louisiana (U.S.A.)

Complete Moult Speckled Kingsnake Lampropeltis holbrooki Squamated Reptiles Ophids Colubrids Snakes, about cm 90.
Family: Colubridae.
Common name: Speckled Kingsnake.
Syn. Coronella sayi, Lampropeltis getulus holbrooki, Lampropeltis getula holbrooki.

The Speckled Kingsnake (Lampropeltis holbrooki) is a non-venomous species of kingsnake. It is endemic to the United States.
The sSpeckled Kingsnake usually grows up to 120 cm in total length (including the tail), but the record total length is 180 cm. The common name comes from its pattern, which is black, with small yellow-white specks. It is also known as the "salt and pepper snake".
The Speckled Kingsnake is found in the central and southern United States, from southern Iowa to the Gulf of Mexico. Its range overlaps that of the desert kingsnake, Lampropeltis splendida.
TheSpeckled Kingsnake prefers wetter habitats than other kingsnakes, such as swamps and rivers, but commonly ventures into arid areas such as woods and grassy fields.
The Speckled Kingsnake's diet consists of mammals, birds, rodents, frogs, lizards, and other snakes. Kills by compulsion.
When threatened, the Speckled Kingsnake shakes its tail like a rattlesnake to discourage predators. Often expels moss and feces or bites when threatened. It is usually docile, often striking only once or twice after capture, and is often kept as a pet. It is commonly bred in captivity.
This snake was first described by American herpetologist John Edwards Holbrook in 1842. For many years it was considered a subspecies of L. getula, but has been elevated to full species status as L. holbrooki.

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