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Collection 3 Incisor Teeth Mammals Bushpig Buffalo Camel Pendant Book

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Origin : Africa

Collection 3 exotic tropical Animals Incisor Teeth, all determined, with Book on Mammals.

The collection included:
1 incisor tooth of Potamochoerus larvatus (bushpig of Madagascar), cm 4-6;
1 incisor tooth of Camelus ferus (camel of Marocco), cm 6-7;
1 incisor tooth of Syncerus caffer (buffalo of Tanzanie) necklace mounted, cm 4.5-5.5, with black leather string  with lobster clasp, as in picture.

It is included a book on mammals at a discount (Mammiferi, Helga Hofmann - Mondadori ed. cm 18 x 10.5 - pages 255). Italian language.

A practical and full guide of features, habits and peculiarities of Mammals living in the wild in Europe. Pocket-sized, plastic binding, suitable while hiking in nature. It contains 225 color photographs and 180 drawings to recognize, using tabs sorted by colors, poses, traits, behaviors, footprints and burrows of various species.

The price of items (teeth and book), if you buy them separately, is 37.60 euro.
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