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Pink Jasper (3) Raw Minerals Stones Rocks Collecting

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Origin : Brazil

Pink Jasper 31-50 gr - cm 2.5-5 Raw Minerals Stones Rocks for Collection.

Jasper (a word that is of Persian origin, but also connected with the Greek-Latin iaspis, "mottled stone") is a sedimentary rock composed of quartz (SiO2), and often containing some impurities, usually compounds of iron which give the rock bright colors, making it sought after as a semi-precious stone.
The mineral is formed in silica-rich waters by sedimentation and precipitation triggered by an active volcanic process in an aquifer.However, the origin of jasper can sometimes be biological, originating from some types of sponges, radiolarians, or siliceous shells of diatoms. .
Jasper generally appears brick red (due to microcrystalline inclusions of iron oxides mainly hematite Fe2O3) or green with various shades (due to the presence of microcrystals of amphiboles and pyroxenes). It can also take on yellowish or black shades (due to the inclusion of manganese oxides).
There are many varieties of jasper making the classification of the various types of the mineral rather difficult.

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