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dollar pyrite

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Origin : Illinois (USA)

Geological era : Permian

Age : 300 million of years

Size : 187 gr - cm 10.4 x 9

Dollar pyrite, 187 gr - cm 10.4 x 9, ony a piece, as in picture.
Also available tumbled, rough, in plexiglias box, nodule and cubic, at this link.

The dollar pyrite or solar pyrite formed in the seams between black shale and coal  or in plaques of slate 250-300 million of years ago (Permian). A modern theory believed to be formed for mineralization of some fossils, such as some irregular sea urchins, but in reality it seems to be a peculiar aggregate of tiny pyrite crystals. It was originally believed was marcasite, but research conducted by the Smithsonian Institute have proven that it is a very stable form of pyrite. Today is collected by the miners 300 feet deep in a very thin layer located above the vein in Randolph County, Illinois.  As the Illinois coal mines are shut down one by one, these specimens will become more and more rare.
Chemistry: Iron Sulfide  Class: Sulfides
Color: brass-yellow  Luster: metallic Transparency: opaque
Fracture: none/conchoidal  Crystal system: Isometric
Moh's hardness: 6-6.5  Localities: Sparta, Randolph Co. Illinois.
The mineral is shipped in a special sealed bag to prevent oxidation and equipped with a descriptive card.

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