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kit for children to begin the interesting field of exploration of Nature with preparation and competence.

The kit, in a practical gift-box, consists of the following natural samples and field equipment:
a tektite, piece of meteorite, from alluvium in waste mining of rubies, 10-25 gr - cm 2,5-4. Origin: Thailand.

a selenite or moonstone, translucent crystalline variety of gypsum, used by the ancient Romans and Greeks instead of glass, at that time still unknown;
a lepidolite, phyllosilicate with laminated crystal habit;
a fossil tooth of an ancient giant shark (Odontaspis (Striatolamia) macrota), Cretaceous period;
an engineer directional compass, with opening metal housing and embedded pointer;
a small backpack with shoulder strap, fitted with four padded compartments with zippers on, to carry comfortably below own equipment;
a pocket flashlight, with LED light very powerful, to explore dark recesses such as cavity of trees, caves or lairs, in addition to being an effective aid in the explorations night;
a poncho raincoat pocket, great for shelter and protect  the equipment in case of rain;
a transparent plexiglas box with compartments for storing the samples collected in the field;
and finally, a necklace with insect, an authentic tropical hemipter of South-East, included in the transparent rectangular pendant (cm 4 x 2.5) with adjustable leather lace, worthy trophy of an expert explorer.
It’s also included in the kit an explorer’s manual (Manuale dell’Esploratore, Demetra S.r.l., 127 pages, 19 cm x 27, only italian language), richly illustrated with pictures and descriptions. Certainly a comprehensive guide to learn all the technical and related information regarding the practices and the various skills that you need to have on the field of exploration, how to recognize the birds singing, photograph a flower, light the fire, untie knots, raise the alarm, make a swing, defend themselves from too much heat and extreme cold, read the topographic map, orient themselves during the day and night, shelter during the storm, administer first aid. If one is tired of the usual comic book adventures, gossip among friends and one wants to live an adventure, this is the ideal book.

Some of the equipment offered are also available individually in our Catalogs, of course at a total cost higher.
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