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Kit Meteorites Colletion Raw Minerals Fossil Dinosaurs

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Educational Kit on the interesting world of Meteorites.
The Kit consists of the following items: a Chondrite, a Siderite, a Tektite, a Book on Meteorites, a Fossil Tooth of Spinosaurus and an information sheet about Extinction of the Dinosaurs.

The kit, in its practical gift box illustrated in the picture, is accompanied by comprehensive geological dates paper (location, class structure, chemistry, age, history) on individual meteorites and geopaleontologic dates regarding the fossil tooth of the giant carnivore.
The price, without practice pack for free, if you buy the item separately is about 87.00 euro.
As for the individual items:
Chondrite: rocky meteorite, 4-7 gr, cm 1,5-2,5, origin: Nord-West Africa (Sahara).
Siderite: iron octahedrite, 3-6 gr, 1,5-2,3 cm,  class I A, found in 1576 in Argentina (Campo del Cielo, Gran Chaco, Gualamba). Falling period 6000-4000 years ago.
Tektite: piece of meteorite, from alluvium in waste mining of rubies, 10-25 gr - cm 2,5-4. Origin: Thailand.
Book on meteorites: 128 pages  23 x 17 cm, De Agostini, italian language. Useful guide to understand from where these bodies, how to recognize, how many of them will fall to Earth each year, if they can pose a threat and if they are rocks like all the others. Know the meteorites helps us to understand the conditions under which our Solar System was formed, the origin of life on Earth, the great extinctions of living species, the composition and nature of asteroids, cosmic dust from stars that shone before Sun.
Dinosaur tooth: cm 2,5-3,5, real fossil tooth of Spinosarus aegyptiacus (Saurischia, Theropoda, Carnosauria, Spinosauridae), carnivorous dinosaur 15 metres long, lived in Cretaceous period (110 million of years ago). Origon: Bega Taouz (Marocco).

Card extinctions: A4 sheet with a comprehensive explanation on the assumptions that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs and many other species.

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