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Shiva lingam (5)



Origin : India

Size : 28 gr - cm 4 x 2.1

28 gr - cm 4 x 2.1, only a piece, as in pictures.

The shiva lingam is a very particular oval stone that is found exclusively in the Narmada river, one of the seven sacred places of India, and is considered a symbol of Shiva, the famous Hindu God. The river currents, smoothing it, helped to forge the egg-shaped stone.
The lingam represents both the masculine force (Knowledge), and the feminine force (Wisdom), as well as the Cosmic Egg from which all creation emerged.
Legend has it that the shiva lingam compound comes from a meteorite that crashed into the earth millions of years ago, but is actually a mixture of agate, basalt and jasper.
In crystal therapy, shiva lingam is considered able to feed the entire chakra system, increase strength and enhance vitality, while stimulating kundalini energy and bringing a positive change in personal growth. The shiva lingam is also considered to be a powerful amulet of love, towards which it opens the way, leading to unity.
The shiva lingam stone is thought to be able to balance all the energies of the physical body and is often used for the problems of infertility and impotence.

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