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Tagesoidea nigrofasciata Giant Tropical Stick Insect Phasmid

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Origin : Malaysia (Cameroon Highlands)

Tagesoidea nigrofasciata cm 8.5-9 wingspan cm 10.5-11.5 Giant Tropical Stick Insect  Phasmid.
Family: Diapheromeridae.
Common name: Yellow Umbrella Stick Insect or Yellow Fan Stick Insect.
Syn. Eurynecroscia nigrofasciata.

The phasmid, exceptional and unlike any other insects, is already prepared with outstretched wings, as in picture, and in the cost  is included the preparation work, which usually we do not perform, being by the customer. The pin is not included for packaging problems.

Currently known as Erynecroscia nigrofasciata, it is an insect of the Phasmatodea order of the Diapheromeridae family. Adult animals are until 12 cm long and have a wingspan of 13 cm.
The first description was under the name Tagesoidea nigrofasciata, attributed in 1908 by Redtenbacher. The new classification at Eurynecroscia genus was released in 2013 by Hennemann & Conle. It is still easy to find it under its old scientific name. In English, its common name is "Yellow Umbrella Stick Insect" and "Yellow Fan Stick Insect", both used by insect collectors.
Its distribution area is among the Tapah Hills, in Peninsular Malaysia. Only the Orang Asli (local indigenous population) know where to find these animals among the Tapah Hills. There are no known subtypes of Eurynecroscia nigrofasciata.

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