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Volucella zonaria



Origin : Italy (Lombardia)

cm 1.7-2.
Family: Syrphidae

Classic example of "Batesian mimicry", which is a harmless Hoverfly that mimics a wasp or a dangerous Cleridae beetle with bright colors similar to signal flavors or odors.

Volucella is a kind of insect belonging to Syrphidae family  and includes some of the greatest our flies. The adult, assiduous visitors of flowers, have a distinct aposematic batesian mimicry with different social imenopters, in whose nests the larvae of Volucella develop at the expense of debris and food leftovers, but sometimes also of the brood: so Volucella bombylans , rough and woolly, also resembles the color of the Bombus near them it lives; Volunella inanis, guest of the nests of hornet is hairless and banded with yellow and reddish brown or blackish like Vespa crabro same; etc. Other exotic species, shades of black, blue or purple metallic, live differently saprophagous.

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