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Gryllus campestris

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Sex : ;

Origin : Italy (Lombardia)

European field cricket or field cricket , young, cm 1.5-2, A1/A1- quality (specimen may have small imperfections).
Family: Gryillidae

The country cricket (Gryllus (Gryllus) campestris Linnaeus, 1758) is an orthopterous insect belonging to the Gryllidae family, widespread in Eurasia and North Africa.
It is a black insect with the tegmine (wings) brune, with a short and slightly flattened body, a large and globose head with long antennae and back legs adapted to the jump. The males have a stridulating organ on the upper turberculum. In females the ovipositor is a saber. This is the so-called cricket cricket that, together with the cricket of the hearth (Acheta domesticus), is a well-known sound background in the summer, especially during the day and in the early part of the evening.
Traditionally in the past, it was enclosed in cork cages and wire in some local festivals linked to the Ascension, to cheer the children with its song. The Feast of the cricket of Florence is the best known. Animal protection and rarefaction of the species have practically extinguished the custom.

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