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Bombus pascuorum - queen

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Sex : F

Origin : Italy (Lombardia)

Common Carder Bee, cm 1.5-1.8, wing span cm 2.8-3.2.
Syn. Apis pascuorum o Apis agrorum.

Bombus pascuorum, the common carde bee, is a yellowish or reddish-brownish hornet species present in most of Europe in a wide variety of habitats such as meadows, pastures, abandoned land, ditches and embankments, roads and margins of countryside, as well as gardens and parks in urban areas and forests and forest borders. It is similar in appearance to Bombus muscorum and is replacing the species in the north of Great Britain. The species is polyleptic, or feeds on a variety of wild flowers.
The nests may be built above or below ground, preferably in old mouse nests, but also in bird nests, barns and sheds.
The care of the brood is dedicated exclusively to the queen, who no longer leaves the nest.
With the queen dies the entire nest, usually in September.

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