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Fulgora (Pyrops) lanternaria

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Origin : Peru

A1- quality, cm 5.5-6.5, wing span cm 11-13,  great decorative "trunk".
Syn: Sinonimi: Fulgora servillei or Lanternaria phosphorea.
Family: Fulgoridae

Fulgora laternaria is a planthopper known for a variety of common names including lantern fly, bedbug peanut, flying lantern peanut head, bug alligator, machaca, chicharra-machacuy, cocoposa (in Spanish) and jequitiranaboia (in the Amazon region and elsewhere in Brazil).
This unusual Fulgoridae (Hemiptera Homoptera) can reach a length of 85-90 mm (3.3-3.5 in), with a wingspan of up to 100-150 mm (3.9-5.9 in).
Its main feature is a big bump on his long lead up to 10-15 millimeters (0:39 to 0:59 in), which gives it the appearance of a peanut. In aaddiction to his grotesque appearance, he possesses false eyes to look like those of a lizard or a snake. The insect was originally - and mistakenly -  believed to be luminescent. If attacked, it protects exhibiting large fake yellow eyes on its hind wings to scare the aggressor, and releases a foul-smelling substance.
Adults can be found from June to December. They feed on the sap of plants.
Several closely related species of this genus have been found in the tropical rainforests of Mexico, Central and South America, and many commercial samples or exposed in museums, although identified as F. laternaria are actually other species.

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