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Collection 10 Nymphalids (2) Insect Tropical Butterfly Nymphalidae

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Origin : Africa, South America, Asia

Only 4.50 Euros per Butterfly ! Collection 10 Tropical Butterflies Insects of Nymphalidae family, all classified:
Callicore hystaspes, Charaxes bernardus crepax, Charaxes eupale, Charaxes pleione, Cymothoe haynae diphyia, Cymothoe herminia, Cymothoe indamora, Paulogramma peristera, Salamis cacta, Vindula dejone.

If purchased separately would cost 57.10 Euros, so instead only 4.50 Euros per butterfly.

p.s. for the size of each butterflies (not to scale with the other specimens in the photo) and its geographical origin, see the same directly in the catalog, as listed above (which, in the event of exhaustion of one of the specimens, we provide for usually - save unexpected - to update in real time, together with the photo).

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