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Manticora latipennis (2) Tropical Insect Coleopter Giant Tiger Beetle

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Origin : Tanzania (Ntandi, Masasi, Mtwara)

Size : cm 5.9

Manticora latipennis cm 5.9 Tropical Insect Coleopter Giant Tiger Beetle, only a piece, as in photo specimen enveloped, quality A1- (one antenna and one detached leg, to be reassembled during preparation).
Family: Cicindelidae.
Also Family Carabidae, Subfamily Cicindelinae.
Common name: Giant Tiger Beetle.

The Manticore is endemic to Africa. The males usually have exaggerated mandibles than females, which are used to tighten them during mating. According to African folklore are evil creatures (doombringers), often accused of being responsible for many negative events. In some tribes are the personification of death, whose jaws are a European equivalent of the scythe of Death. Jules Verne in his novel in the quotes (Dick Sand A Captain at Fifteen).

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