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Odontolabis dalmanni celebensis (1) Stag Beetle Tropical Insect Coleopter

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Sex : M

Origin : Indonesia (Peleng)

Size : cm 7

Odontolabis dalmanni celebensis cm 7 Stag Beetle Tropical Insect Coleopter, Telodonte form.
The telodont form, that is with the extremely developed mandibles, is quite rare among the lucanids. In fact, most of the specimens have reduced mandibles (mesodon and priodon form) and a smaller body.

In this specie, the large mandible of males is used to fight with each other for mating or food. These beetles are nocturnal. Adults feed on tree sap and decaying fruit.
This species can be found on Tenasserim Island, the Malay Peninsula, Borneo, Sumatra, and Java.
The species is named in honor of the Swedish entomologist Johan Wilhelm Dalman.

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