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Hexarthrius parryi paradoxus LARGE Stag Beetle Tropical Insect Coleopter

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Sex : M

Origin : Indonesia (Sumatra)

Hexarthrius parryi paradoxus cm 7.5-8 Stag Beetle Tropical Insect Coleopter.

Hexarthrius parryi, the giant flying fighter stag beetle, is the second largest belonging to the subfamily Lucaninae.
Some individuals of the subspecies of the Sumatra (Hexarthrius parryi paradoxus) the males can reach a length of about 97 mm (3.8 in). Males have long jaws forked curved, with a sharp tooth facing up and the other facing down. A large yellow-orange blob bright occupies three-quarters of the back of each elytron.
The eggs are laid in rotting wood in tunnels made by females, which will feed the larvae to hatch. Become pupae in about 6-9 months. The dulti emerge in about a month after pupation. The life of adults lasts about 6-8 months. They feed on sap and fruit.
This species is found in the forests of Southeast Asia, including Indonesia and India.
known subspecies:
Hexarthrius parryi Parry deyrollei 1864 (Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand)
Hexarthrius parryi elongatus Jordan in 1894 (Malaysia)
Hexarthrius parryi paradoxus Mollenkamp 1898 (Java, Sumatra)
Hexarthrius parryi parryi Hope 1842 (Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam).

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