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Hexarthrius mandibularis LARGE (2) Stag Beetle Tropical Insect Coleopter

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Sex : M

Origin : Indonesia (Sumatra)

Size : cm 9

Hexarthrius mandibularis sumatranus cm 9 Stag Beetle Tropical Insect Coleopter, A2 quality (specimens has imperfections or damage of various degrees).

Hexarthrius mandibularis is the world's largest fork-horned stag beetle. It belongs to the tribe Lucanini, in the family Lucanidae.
This beetle has a dull, dark, brick reddish body. Both the legs and antennae are blackish. The most notable characteristic are the large, antler-like mandibles. These have small teeth running down the inside edge, with one large, forward-pointing pair located approximately a third of the way down from the tips. The tips are forked inward somewhat.
During the larval stage, Hexarthrius mandibularis lives in rotten hardwood, feeding on it. Later, during the imago stage, it consumes tree juice.
There are two subspecies, both native to Indonesia:
- Hexarthrius mandibularis mandibularis Deyrolle, 1881, indigenous to Kalimantan.
- Hexarthrius mandibularis sumatranus.

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