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Cyclommatus dehaani Cervo Volante Insetto Tropicale Coleottero Lucanide Cyclommatus dehaani Stag Beetle Tropical Insect Coleopter

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Origin : Indonesia (Kalimantan)

Cyclommatus dehaani cm 3-3.4 Stag Beetle Tropical Insect Coleopter.

Cyclommatus is a genus of the Lucanidae family, also known as the stag beetle. Most species of the genus Cyclommatus are found in Southeast Asia, although some species are also found in China and Taiwan. The genus Cyclommatus also includes three subgenera: Cyclommatus (Parry, 1863), Cyclomatinus (Didier, 1927) and Cyclommatellus (Nagel, 1936). Each subgenus contains 80, 24 and 3 species respectively. In total, the genus Cyclommatus is made up of a total of 134 species, although more are still being discovered today.
The main distinguishing features of this genus are its massive mandibles, which can sometimes be as long as its body, as well as its bright metallic exoskeleton, which can range from red, brown, green, purple, gold and a rarer blue. -black. As such, beetles of the genus Cyclommatus can impose a high price on collectors (up to $ 700!), With a demand even for live specimens as exotic pets.
The largest species of this genus is Cyclommatus elaphus, with the largest recorded wild crop specimen measuring 109.0mm in length measured from the tip of the jaws to the tip of the elytra.
The genus Cyclommatus diverged from the other lucanids about 50-20 million years ago.
The enlarged mandibles are used to dent the bark and allow the beetle to feed on tree sap or to compete with other males for mates. Males with larger jaws are more likely to win these fights, which often involve throwing the competitor from branches and leaves.
After mating, female beetles use their smaller mandibles better adapted to cutting wood to create tunnels within decaying trunks where their eggs are laid.

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