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Acrocinus longimanus (3) Tropical Insect Coleopter Harlequin Longhorn Beetle

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Sex : M

Origin : Peru (Iquitos)

Acrocinus longimanus cm 5.1 Tropical Insect Coleopter Harlequin Longhorn Beetle, Long-Horned or Longicorns, male.

The Harlequin Beetle (Acrocinus longimanus) is a tropical coleopter long-horn widespread from southern Mexico to Uruguay. It feeds on sap and has been given this name because of its elaborate pattern of black, red and greenish signs on the elitist of both sexes. The name longimanus refers to the very long front legs of the males, which are usually longer than the entire body of the animal. As an adult, the species can measure about 76 mm in length, legs excluded. It is also famous for the transport of seudoscorpions as a form of commensalism.

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