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Salamis aethiops

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Sex : M

Origin : Central African Republic

one wing lenght cm 4-4.5.

Known as The forest mother-of-pearl or common mother-of-pearl, it has a large butterfly of the Nymphalidae family that is found in forested areas of Africa.
The wingspan is 65-80 mm for males and 75-90 mm for females. The male and the female are similar in shape and color. The latter, on the upper surface of the wings is green-white base with purple reflections in the wet season, pearly white in the dry season.
This species lays tiny eggs; the larvae feed on Asystasia (Asystasia Gangetic), Brillantaisia, Isogloss (I. woodii and I. mossambicensis), Mimulopsis, and Paulowilhelmia species.
The flight period of adults throughout the year, peaking in summer and autumn. They have a heavy flight, which can be faster in the male .These are laid on the leaves of forest trees, while the females remain closer to the ground near the larval food plants. These butterflies are placed under the leaves at night, while the males sometimes the mud puddles.
Synonyms: Papilio aethiops, Papilio parhassus, Protogoniomorpha parhassus, Salamis parhassus, Vanessa aglatonice.

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