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Agrius convolvuli (2) Larva Caterpillar Insect Night Butterfly Sphinx Sphingid Hawk Moth Convolvulus

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Origin : Italy

Size : cm 9

Agrius convolvuli cm 9 stuffed Larva Caterpillar Insect Night Butterfly Sphinx Sphingid Moth Convolvulus Hawk-Moth, only a piece, as in photos.
Common name: Convolvulus Hawk-Moth or Kumara Moth.
Syn. Sphinx convolvuli, Herse convolvuli, Protoparce orientalis, Sphinx abadonna, Sphinx distans,Sphinx patatas, Sphinx pseudoconvolvuli, Sphinx roseafasciata, Protoparce convolvuli.

For merely illustrative purposes, the adult butterfly that originates from the caterpillar, for sale at this link.

Excellent naturalistic preparation, specimen put in place with a treatment designed to reproduce the colors and appearance of the animal as in life.

The sphinx of the convolvulus (Agrius convolvuli (Linnaeus, 1758)) is a moth belonging to the Sphingidae family, widespread in Eurasia, Africa and Oceania.
It owes its name to the fact that the caterpillars develop on the bindweed plants.
The adult butterfly has a wingspan of 8-12 cm and a long gullet up to 10 cm. The wings and the thorax are brown-greyish in color with banded decorations; the abdomen shows pigmentation with black bands and pink spots. At rest it can be mistaken for a piece of wood as the wings hide the colored abdomen.
The pupae can reach 6 cm in length and have the case of the spirotromba in the shape of an umbrella handle.
Appears between May and July. The adults flicker in the autumn and then it seems that they migrate south. Migratory species that regularly reaches Northern Europe. It feeds itself hovering in flight; due to its size it can be easily identified at dusk.
In tropical areas the caterpillar was harmful to the batata.

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