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Papilio ulysses Insect Tropical Butterfly Papilionid Swallowtail

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Sex : M

Origin : Indonesia (West Irian - Mt. Arfak)

Papilio ulysses ulysses one wing lenght cm 5.5-6 Insect Tropical Butterfly Papilionid Swallowtail, A1- quality (specimen may have small imperfections).
Common name: The Butterfly of Ulysses ot The Blue Emperor.

Papilio ulysses is a large swallowtail butterfly of Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands. New Caledonia is instead inhabited by a similar relative, Papilio Montrouzieri. Its size varies depending on the subspecies, but the wingspan is about 10.5 cm (4.1 inches) in Queensland.
This butterfly is used as an emblem for tourism in Queensland, Australia.
Ulysses is the Roman name of the Greek hero Odysseus, a figure in ancient Greek literature, the central character of Homer's Odyssey.
The female of the species is different from the male in that it has small blue crescents in the back. When the butterfly is perched, the intense blue of its wings is hidden by the simplest brown under the side of its wings, helping it to blend in with its surroundings. During the flight, the butterfly can be seen hundreds of meters away with sudden bright blue flashes. Males are strongly attracted to the blue color, including blue objects that are sometimes mistaken for females.
The Ulysses butterfly lives in tropical rainforest areas and suburban gardens.
 P. u. autolycus C.Felder & R.Felder, 1865
 P. u. denticulatus Joicey & Talbot, 1916
 P. u. dirce Jordan, 1909
 P. u. jennifeae Jakusch, 2007
 P. u. ulysses Linnaeus, 1758.

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