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Coenonympha pamphilus Insect Butterfly Nymphalid

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Sex : M / F

Origin : Italy (Lombardia)

Coenonympha pamphilus one wing lenght cm 1.2-1.3 Insect Brush-Footed or Four-Footed Butterfly, A1/A1- quality (specimen has small imperfections).
Common name: Small Heath.
Subfamily: Satyrinae.

Syn. Coenonympha albata, Coenonympha antelatecana, Coenonympha antipunctata, Coenonympha bicolor, Coenonympha bipunctata, Coenonympha impupillata, Coenonympha lylliformis, Coenonympha major, Coenonympha nigromarginata, Coenonympha postgalvagnii, Coenonympha rhoumensis, Coenonympha tardenota, Coenonympha transiens, Coenonympha tunioti, Coenonympha venata, Coenonympha virginalis, Papilio lyllus, Papilio pamphilus

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