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Lycosa tarantula

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Origin : Paleartic Region

stuffed spider, leg span cm 5.8, in plexiglas box mm 80 x 60 x 43 h, only a piece, as in pictures.
Excellent naturalistic preparation, specimen put in place with a treatment designed to reproduce the colors and appearance of the animal as in life.
Common name: wolf spider or tarantula.
Family: Lycosidae

Lycosa tarantula is a spider belonging to the Lycosidae family.
In the popular tradition of Puglia (Italy) it is called taranta or tarantola. The name derives from Taranto city or from the nearby river Tara. The belief wanted that the bite of this spider caused a particular disease, called tarantism, characterized by a condition of general malaise and a psychiatric symptomatology similar but distinct from epilepsy, and it was believed that it was possible to neutralize the effects of poison by jumping and sweating: hence the popular belief (tarantella) that dance and music could heal from illness.
Today the term "tarantula" is mostly attributed, improperly, to the giant spiders that populate the American, African and Asian continents. More correctly we speak of migalomorphs or more simply of migales, whose most famous family is that of Teraphosidae.
The name of tarantola is often associated with the image of spiders with deadly poison. However, of the more than 800 recognized species (it is assumed that more than half are still to be discovered), none of them is able to kill humans and more often than not the bite exhausts its effects in a similar way to those caused by the bite of a wasp.
The size, the sinuosity of the movements, the intimidating reputation and their history, over 400 million years old, has led to a broad discussion. Moreover, the habit of keeping these animals in a domestic environment is in part widespread, like snakes and reptiles in general, although in Italy a law prevents the keeping and trafficking of dangerous arachnids.

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