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Araneus quadratus

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Origin : Paleartic Region

stuffed spider, leg span cm 3.7, in plexiglas box mm 55 x 40 x 42 h, only a piece, as in pictures.
Excellent naturalistic preparation, specimen put in place with a treatment designed to reproduce the colors and appearance of the animal as in life.
Family: Araneidae

Araneus quadratus, is a common spider widespread in Europe and central Asia, up to the Kamchatka Peninsula and Japan. Their appearance varies from brown to orange or green, but they always have the characteristic four white spots on the abdomen. The legs are sometimes bright stripes. Adult females can actively change color. It takes about three days to take on colors that exactly match their surface.
This species weaves its web close to the ground to catch leaping insects like small grasshoppers.
Araneus quadratus minimus (Gétaz, 1889) (Switzerland, France)
Araneus quadratus subviridis

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