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Andalusiana sp. Trilobite cm 21 - kg 2,3

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Origin : Morocco (Djbel Ougrat)

Geological era : Lower Cambrian

Age : 530 million of years

Size : 2.36 Kg - cm 21 x 15.5 x 5

Giant Fossil Trilobite Andalusiana 2.36 Kg - 21 x 15.5 x 5 cm, composed of two elements on a plate: the positive and negative footprint.
The specimen may have imperfections or signs of restoration.

Andalusiana is an extinct genus of large trilobites, belonging to the Holmiidae family, a group of marine invertebrates that did not leave descendants that lived during the Lower Cambrian (Atdabanian) period, about 570 million years ago.
Holmiidae are a diverse family of eight genera and containing at least 17 species. It includes some of the first trilobites of the Baltica platform. The Holmiidae are found throughout the Baltic plate (Scandinavia and the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea) and in the western Laurentia (Great Basin of the United States and northwestern Canada), and also in Morocco.
Like most early trilobites, Holmiidae have a nearly flat exoskeleton, which is only subtly calcified and has crescent-shaped eye ridges.

Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Trilobites
Order: Redlichiida
Suborder: Olenellina
Superfamily: Olenelloidea
Family: Holmiidae
Hupé, 1953

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