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Montlivaltia Fossil Coral mm 49 Cretaceous (3)

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Origin : West Madagascar (Toliara Prov. - Menabe)

Geological era : Early Cretaceous (Aptian)

Age : 120 million of years

Size : 42.1 gr - mm 49 x 28 x 26

Fossil Coral finger Cretaceous mm 49 x 28 x 26 - gr 42.1 Montlivaltia elongata. Good quality Fossil Coral perfectly preserved, with great surface details. The Fossil Coral you will receive is just the one of the Photo.

Montlivaltia is an extinct genus of stony Corals belonging to the Montlivaltiidae family, which appeared in the Triassic until the Tertiary period. This genus includes more than 90 species.
This solitary coral was 2.5 to 9 cm long, and was conical or flat. The surface was wrinkled with many septa. The outer sides were notched or ribbed. It contained many minor septums in a herringbone pattern.
Montlivaltia hourcqi elongata ALLOITEAU, 1958

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