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Hemicidaris intermedia (2)

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Origin : Morocco (Khouribga)

Geological era : Jurassic (Oxfordian)

Age : 160 million of years

Size : mm 37 x 15

fossil sea urchin, 24.7 gr, diameter mm 37, heighr mm 15, only a piece, as in pictures.

Hemicidaris (L. Agassiz, 1838) is an extinct genus of sea urchins Regularia of the family Hemicidaridae, lived between the Middle Jurassic and the Late Cretaceous (between 170 and 120 million years ago).
The skeleton of these echinoids was rounded and the apical disc rather small. The mouth orifice opened on the lower edge, slightly flattened. The upper part was very similar to that of the current Cidaris. The lower surface, on the other hand, was large and possessed a particular ornamentation; the "lantern of Aristotle", on the other hand, was equipped with striated teeth. Radiols were decidedly large and had short crowned spines at their ends. The anus was surrounded by some plates. The thorns were very long and sharp. The skeleton of the animal was small, with a diameter of about 3-4 centimeters.
The hemicidarids lived on the bottom of the sea, among the rocks, supporting themselves thanks to the pedicel present on the ventral surface. They fed on hard surfaces, thanks to five strong teeth.
Fossil remains of species belonging to this genus have been found in Europe, North Africa, East Africa and in the Arabian peninsula.
Hemicidarid fossils are frequent in the coral deposits of the Oxfordian and Kimmeridgian.
The following species are ascribed to the genus Hemicidaris:
Hemicidaris intermedia (Fleming, 1828)
Hemicidaris bigoti Cotteau, 1893
Hemicidaris luciensis d'Orbigny, 1850
Hemicidaris microtuberculata Cotteau, 1881
Hemicidaris serialis (Quenstedt, 1852)
Hemicidaris mitra Agassiz, 1840
Hemicidaris hoffmanni (Roemer, 1836)
Hemicidaris purbeckensis Forbes, 1850
Hemicidaris glasvillensis Cotteau, 1881
Hemicidaris morinica (Sauvage & Rigaux, 1872)
Hemicidaris hemisphaericus (Roemer, 1836)
Hemicidaris mantochenensis Etallon, 1864
Hemicidaris quenstedti Merian, in Desor, 1856

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