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Mosasaurus Jaws with Teeth mm160 - kg 1.2 Mosasaur Fossil Sea Reptile Giant Prehistoric Cretaceous (5)

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Origin : Morocco (Kem Kem Bacin)

Geological era : Late Cretaceous (Mastrichtian)

Age : 70 million of years

Size : 1206 gr - cm 16 x 11.9 x 5.9 h

Fossil Jaws portion with Teeth of Mosasaur Giant Prehistoric Sea Reptile. Measure: weight 1206 gr- Matrix cm 16 x 11.9 x 5.9 h. Mosasaurus sp. The Fossil Tooth of Mosasaur you will receive is exactly the one in the Photo.
The Fossil was partly rebuilt with Mosasaurus bone material (portions of Jaw and Teeth) reassembled on an artificial matrix.

Mosasaurus is an extinct sea reptile, belonging to the superfamily of Varanoidea. He lived in the upper Cretaceous (Santonian - Maastrichtian, 80 - 70 million years ago). Its fossil remains were found in much of the world (North America, Europe, Africa, New Zealand, Antarctica and possibly Japan).
Mosasaurus gives its name to the family Mosasauridae. Among these animals, Mosasaurus was one of the largest, and it is assumed that a species (Mosasaurus hoffmanni) may have reached 18 meters in length. Like all his fellows, this reptile was endowed with characteristics well suited for swimming: the feet were turned into flippers and the tail was long and laterally flattened (there were about 80 caudal vertebrae). The triangular skull was particularly robust and that the bones were joined together were a deeper than what happened in other mosasauridae, whose skulls were highly mobile. The teeth of Mosasaurus were strong and curved backwards, is capable of cutting and breaking.

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