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Bison priscus Vertebra Fossil cm 24l Prehistoric Bison (1)

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Origin : Holland (North Sea)

Geological era : Late Pleistocene

Age : 20,000 years ago

Size : 1104 gr - cm 24 x 13 x 13

Fossil Bone Cervical Vertebra (Atlas) of Bison priscus Prehistoric Steppe Bison 1104 gr - cm 24 x 13 x 12.

The steppe bison (Bison priscus) was a prehistoric bison spread from Eurasia to North America in the Quaternary. It is thought that these animals have evolved in Central or South uro like their relatives, with whom they were often confused.
These bison were 2 meters tall at the shoulder and had horns three feet long each. Became extinct in the late Pleistocene and were replaced in Europe by the European bison and American bison in North America. Have sometimes been depicted in cave paintings of Neanderthal man.

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