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Fossils Follection with Book

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Collection of 12 Fossils selected, with Book on Dinosaur.
Right to begin a Collection with only 3.90 euro for Fossil, plus a Book about Dinosaurs at a discounted price.

The stock, in its practical package, includes the following fossils:
Dastilbe elongatus (fish, Cretaceous)
Fossil Wood (dressed stone, Permian-Triassic).
Galeocerdo contortus (shark tooth, Cretaceous)
Gastropod Shell, undetermined (Jurassic)
Lamna sp. (shark tooth, Cretaceous)

Mosasaurus hoffmanni (giant sea reptile tooth, Cretaceous)
Myliobatis gigas (ray tooth, Miocene)
Odontaspis (striatolamia) macrota (shark tooth, Cretaceous)
Orthoceras regulare (nautiloid, Silurian)
Phylloceras sp. (ammonite, Cretaceous)

Squalicorax pristodontus (shark tooth, Cretaceous)
Triceratops horridus (bone fragment, Cretaceous)
Each fossil is accompained by card with the image, the scientific name, the geological era and the place of origin.

In the kit is also included a book (Italian language) on dinosaurs 
"I Dinosauri", Francesco Milo -  ed. Giunti junior (atlanti del sapere), cm 22,5 x 15,5 - pagg. 127.
Italian language. In color, with numerous tables and illustrations, glossary and the table of the largest collections of fossils in Italy and in the world. Over 100 million years ago, every place on Earth was populated by dinosaurs. These "terrible lizards" had different physical and behavioral characteristics: there were herbivorous and carnivorous species, quadrupedal and bipedal, armored and feathered, winged and marine. This volume, starting from the origin of the Universe, allows us to know the various species of dinosaurs, from their appearance on the planet to the debated theories about their extinction.

In our equipment catalog is also available the plexiglas boxes and the plasticine with which attach them to the bottom so to be able to remove.
The picture of fossils is only indicative for information.
Much of the fossils offered are also available individually in our catalog, of course at a total cost higher.
Are available for sale on our website also some collections of 15 and 30 minerals and many naturalistic kits.

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