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Eryops m. - skull armor (2)

  • Product Code: F23696


Origin : Texas (U.S.A) - Red Beds

Geological era : Lower Permian (Kungurian)

Age : 280 million of years

Size : 3 gr - mm 28 x 17 x 6

giant amphibian fossil skull armor bone Eryops megacephalus, 3 gr, mm 28 x 17 x 6, Temnospondyla order (conjunction ring between Amphibia and Reptilia).

Eryops megacephalus was a large prehistoric amphibian, living in the Lower Permian (about 280 million years ago) in North America. His remains were found in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.
Its habitat was among the marshes and lakes of North America. Perhaps, like the frogs and many current amphibians, he spent most of his time on land. The legs were short but strong, suitable to support the massive body, even two meters long: the tail was quite short; the head, wide and flat, had a formidable dentition that distinguishes the eriope like a ferocious predator.
This amphibian moved thanks to the powerful legs that protruded laterally bending at a right angle. He fed on fish and small amphibians, wandering along the banks of streams waiting to catch them.
A fossil of Eryops megacephalus is kept at the Civic Museum of Natural History in Milan (Italy), while a reconstruction of this animal is present in the Prehistory Park of Rivolta d'Adda (Italy).

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